Make the most of the app's real estate

Your marketing pitch to sponsors probably already includes putting their name and logo into the conference app. But there's a lot more you can do. There’s a lot of scope for well paid, high quality advertising.

In-app advertising commands excellent prices, anything from $100s for sponsor logos for a small conference through to maybe $5,000 for a package deal for large conferences. The great thing is, it’s permissive: delegates use the app frequently during the a day to check on their agendas and on each occasion they see the advertiser’s message.

There’s valuable real estate on the front page of the app - room for more than one sponsor logo or even a rotating banner. 

Then there's the Sponsors section. Entries can be linked to the sponsors' websites, of course, but why not offer a full page advertisement inside the app for a fully integrated feel?

You can add a logo into a sponsored session

Some of our clients offer sponsors an in-app alert to drive traffic to their stand, demonstration or  sponsored session, using "push" messaging.

You can put together a range of packages that include front page logos, session logos, dedicated pages and inline logos. The app can more than pay for itself.