A branded, full feature conference app which can be used for any event during 2019 up to 1.5 days duration

There are no catches: you get unlimited downloads, unlimited content and full support

The app

Our standard conference app with full branding, the conference schedule, abstracts, venue information, note taking, Twitter and a lot more - see here for details.


We’ll provide phone and email support right through to the end of the conference. This includes advice on choosing content for the app, assistance if you have problems, and a full Quality Analysis when the app is ready to launch.

We’ll handle the technical work of creating the app and publishing it in the app stores.

Data input

We provide you with a powerful, easy to use Content Management System so you can put the event information into the app. But if you’re too busy or short-staffed we can do it for you.

How do we do it?

Smaller events are much simpler and easier than multi-day events, which means they’re cheaper for us to service. So we’ve lowered our price and split it into two parts: the app itself, with setup and support, for £199; and a separate fee for data input if you need it - which we don’t think you will because our new CMS is so easy to use.

The small print

Credit card payment only.

Terms and conditions apply. They can be read on the payment page.

Apple and Google require that you have your own app store account (for a small fee). It’s very easy to do and we’ll give you an illustrated step-by-step guide. We can lend a hand if necessary.