Maybe there is such a thing as a free lunch

Your marketing pitch to sponsors probably already includes putting their name and logo into the conference app. That’s all very well, but by treating the app as if it was just a brochure or a flyer you might be missing a trick.

There’s a lot of scope for high quality advertising and it can bring in serious money – more than enough money to pay for the app itself.

In-app advertising commands excellent prices, anything from $100s for sponsor logos for a small conference through to maybe $5,000 for a package deal for large conferences. The great thing is, it’s permissive: delegates use the app frequently during the a day to check on their agendas and on each occasion they see the advertiser’s message.

There’s valuable real estate on the front page of the app - room for more than one sponsor logo or even a rotating banner. Or why not sell it to someone who's prepared to sponsor the app?

Then there's the Sponsors section. Entries can be linked to the sponsors' websites, of course, but why not offer a full page advertisement inside the app for a fully integrated feel?

You can add a logo into a sponsored session. And how about inserting the logo into the schedule listing itself, alongside the session name?

And a truly great idea is to offer the sponsor an in-app alert shortly before their sponsored session, using "push" messaging.

You can put together a range of packages that include front page logos, session logos, dedicated pages and inline logos.

It doesn’t take much effort for the app to pay for itself with plenty left over for pizza