Welcome to your app

The app is made of up pages of information which are gathered into sections - like the chapters in a book. You can move from one section to another via the Home screen. 


There are three icons (small images) at the top of every page: Home, Search and Agenda. Some pages also have a Share icon.

  • Tap on the Home icon to return to the app's home screen at any time.
  • Tap on Search to go to a page from where you can do a full text search of the entire contents of the app. Results are broken down into programme sessions, presentations and information pages.
  • Tap on Agenda to see your personal agenda and notes.

Most pages have navigation links at the bottom. Use them to move backwards and forwards through the section. Special sections such as the programme and agenda don't have navigation.

Programme, Agenda and Notes

In the programme section, tap on any coloured session name to see details of the session. Within each session there's an "Add to agenda" button which will link the session to your personal agenda.


Each session page has a Notes field which is linked to the Notes tab in your personal agenda. Your notes from all sessions appear in the Notes tab and you can export them from the app or share them via email or messaging using the Share icon.

Other features

  • Send tweets directly from the app (if you have a Twitter account) from the Twitter section.
  • Participate in Q&A from the Questions section.
  • All coloured text is linked - either to other parts of the app or to external web pages.