Our abstract submission and reviewing system uses Cloud software, which means it’s robust and powerful and able to cope with peak demand. Its beautiful design comes from decades of experience. We want authors and reviewers to have an easy time, and we want you to feel fully in charge of the process.


Integrated back office - seamless connection from submission to review to scheduling to app
If you already have your own abstract system and just want an app, that's OK - you don't have to use ours

Abstract submission (demo)
Fully customised form
Fully branded with conference name, logo and text
Authors can edit at any time up to the deadline
Email confirmation

Online reviewing
Fully customised reviewing form
Fully branded with conference name, logo and text

Management overview of submission and reviewing process
List and edit abstracts and reviews
Contact authors and reviewers by email



State-of-the art Cloud technology
Hosted by Amazon – the world’s leading Cloud provider
Mobile friendly
Multi-layered security
High resilience
Fast and robust