We don't want to sell you a product - we want to provide you with a service.

Modern technology ought to make your life easier and your events cheaper to run. Publishing your conference information on an app or website shouldn't be difficult. We want to make it easy for you, as part of your team.

Why we're different

  • First and foremost we're publishers rather than techies - we speak English, not geek
  • We think about your business needs and offer experienced advice
  • We understand the pressures you're under: budget, time, resources and the need to keep a lot of people on board. We want to make your life easier
  • We know the importance of supporting your brand and giving delegates a great experience
  • But we are techies too and we're passionate about good design, on the outside of the app as well as the inside!

Our goals

  • To simplify the process of publishing conference information on mobile and online
  • To provide an efficient, effective service for an ultra-low price that's affordable within almost any budget
  • To create design-led, high-end products that are enjoyable and easy to use